Various unsorted components of electronics  0,29 Euro/kg

Transistors in plastic casing (containing gold)  12,48 Euro/kg

Transistors in copper casing – KT 803, 808  14,38 Euro/kg

Transistors in metal casing (with gold-plated surface)  85,80 Euro/kg

Ceramic processors with gold-plated legs and casing  78,22 Euro/kg

Ceramic processors with gold-plated legs  40,40 Euro/kg

Textolite processors  14,20 Euro/kg

Printing plates of mobile phones  13,38 Euro/kg

Printing plates of monitors, TV-sets etc  0,27 Euro/kg

Printing plates of obsolete personal computers  4,17 Euro/kg

Printing plates of new personal computers  2,50 Euro/kg

Relays with weight over 100 g  0,20 Euro/kg

Gold-plated contacts (without casings)  105,85 Euro/kg

Microcircuits with metal or ceramic casings (gold is visible)?  105,85 Euro/kg

Microcircuits with metal or ceramic casings (gold is not visible)  100,85 Euro/kg

Starter contacts, Ag (pulled by magnet)  203,02 Euro/kg

Starter contacts, Ag (not pulled by magnet)  203,70 Euro/kg

Microcircuits produced in Russia, in plastic casing (contain gold)  270,90 Euro/kg

Ceramic condensers (brown, red, orange)  417,00 Euro/kg

Ceramic condensers (green)  485,80 Euro/kg

Condensers in plastic casing  8,08 Euro/kg

Ceramic (imported) condensers  34,55 Euro/kg

Potentiometers with marking ПП-3  0,30 Euro/kg

Potentiometers with marking СП-5  0,05 Euro/kg

Printing plates of car commutators  0,57 Euro/kg

Power supply units of computers  0,25 Euro/kg

CD/DVD readers  0,12 Euro/kg

Hard disks  0,70 Euro/kg

Category II printing plates  2,22 Euro/kg

Operating memory (RAM), gold-plated  12,93 Euro/kg